Portable Stripper Pole


Product Description

Once only found hidden away in clubs, the Stripper Pole has emerged from the closet and is now THE ‘must have’ fitness and home entertainment thing. The Peekaboo Pole Dancing set is the world’s first complete Pole Dancing Kit. Packed neatly into a handy tube (so you can take it to parties – and you’ll want to) is a chrome plated extendable dance pole, an instructional dance leaflet, a pink garter, and a stack of fake $10 bills for people to stuff into it! The pole is spring loaded and will extend up to a height of 8 foot 6 inches to use on ceilings no higher that 8 feet, and it needs no drills or screws. The Peekaboo Dance Pole is not a professional dance pole. It cannot support your full body weight and is to be used solely in conjunction with the dance moves recommended in the dance book.


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