Love Swing

Product Description

Each sex swing comes with soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs, fully adjustable, extra wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort. Sex swings offer hundreds of combinations of sexual positions for one or two people–usually the woman rests in the sex swing.

    • Feel weightless during sex by using a sex swing. The adjustable straps create nearly limitless positions and entry angles possible.
    • The sex swing gives “spring energy” for faster and deeper penetration
    • You’re able to swing your partner from one position to the next without losing the ‘moment’
    • The I-hook makes it possible to spin your partner 360 degrees
    • You can use a sex swing standing, sitting or squatting
    • More comfortable positions mean less fatigue for both intercourse and oral sex
    • It’s a whole new world of sex to explore with a sex swing



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