Here Comes The Bouquet Game


Product Description

No Bride would be complete without her bouquet and no Hen/Bridal party would be complete without the “Here comes the Bouquet” game. Start your next party properly & keep your guests entertained whilst creating memories that last a lifetime.

How to play: First, cut out all of the bouquets. Each player must choose a bouquet and then write their name on the back. Before playing, place adhesive, such as mounting putty or double-sided tape to the back of the bouquet. Blindfold the first player & spin her around three times. She must then place her bouquet as close to the bride’s hands as possible. Leave all the bouquets wherever placed until all players have had a turn. The player who gets their bouquet closest to the correct position (the bride’s hands) wins the game!
Game includes: 1-23×32 Bride Poster & 16 Bouquets-8 different styles/colors


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